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Jennifer Longbine

Director of FSQAR

Jennifer Longbine serves as the Director of FSQAR for BSM Partners. She has been responsible for Food Safety Quality Assurance for 19 years including human food - beef, poultry and pork harvesting and processing and later flour milling and pet food - kibble, treats, cans and distribution. She has created, implemented, and refined all necessary standard operating procedures, sanitation standard operating procedures, key performance indicators, forms and all other necessary documentation and programs to sustain an effective quality assurance and food safety program. 

She has worked closely with FDA, USDA, APHIS and other government agencies for plant inspections, policy requirements and any investigational occurrences to meet all regulatory guidelines and mandates. She also has experience in Auditing - GFSI (BRC), Good Manufacturing Processes, Supplier Standards, and all additional addendums and has been consulting since 2015.