What we do

We are prepared for every challenge your business might face. 

Our multidisciplinary team of PhDs, board-certified veterinarians and nutritionists offers 400+ years of cumulative technical experience, supporting the development of thousands of products per year. From R&D to replenishment, we have you covered.

Our wide range of services include research, product innovation, FSQAR, nutrition services, veterinary services, transformation, operations support, and engineering.

This holistic approach to pet and human nutrition has made us the best-kept secret behind thousands of successful CPG brands for more than ten years.

stephanie what we do
Product Innovation Services

From ideation to reality, bringing nutritional concepts to life. Our talented, world-class experts are geared toward supporting your product development needs.

A multidisciplinary approach to formulation and design.

Optimized formulation software with over 700 active, nutrient-verified ingredients.

Custom formulations to meet processing capabilities.

Rigorous root cause analysis and solutions services.

Detailed documentation for package graphics/messaging.

Preparation, execution, analysis, and troubleshooting services throughout the trial process.

Innovative ways to create new products, from basic all the way to novel.

Marketing Innovation

Nutrition Services

Led by Dr. Renee Streeter, DVM, DACVIM (Nutrition), this practice is supported by Dr. Sarah Wilson, DVM, DACVIM (Nutrition), Dr. Blaire Aldridge, a PhD animal nutritionist, Dr. Sydney McCauley, pHD and a board certified animal nutritionist, and Melissa Edwards a veterinary technician. This practice offers:

Function product formulation

Formulation of foods, treats and supplements for all species

Clinical Research

Clinical Nutrition Customer Consultations

Technical Writing and sales support through education

Marketing material development

Educational lectures


Veterinary Services

Led by Dr. Bradley Quest, DVM and supported by a PhD Animal Nutritionist/Microbiome Specialist, this BSM Partners practice offers:

Conducting clinical efficacy, safety and research studies

Critical veterinary services to determine root cause of consumer-related issues with products

In-home AAFCO feeding and digestibility studies

Veterinary research and support

Technical writing, speaking and publication services

Technical sales support and educational program development

Veterinary functional product and process development for dental products


FSQA + Regulatory Services

August Konie, MS, MBA is the Principal of this BSM Partners practice. His experienced team of specialists with pet and human food processing

backgrounds is responsible for:

FREE product regulatory registration services - every form, every state, every year*

Factory audits and certifications

Food safety and quality management plan development

Quality specification generation support

Import and export qualification services

AAFCO compliance support

GACC approval process support

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs support for China regulatory compliance

FSQA Regulatory

Research Services

Our seasoned team of PhDs, clinical researchers and veterinary nutritionists is exceptionally well-versed in:

Research project design and execution

Grant writing services

Manuscript preparation, review and publication

Custom research program development

Research presentation support


Engineering Services

Led by BSM Partners co-founder Seth Kaufman, MBA, and Doug Cleary, Director of Innovation Engineering, this practice has the tools, technical experience and know-how to offer custom-engineered solutions for any manufacturing need. Working closely with co-manufacturers and equipment suppliers, BSM Engineering Services can provide:

Process development and engineering services

Factory design and project management support

Equipment selection and commissioning

Automation & controls

Engineering Operations

Operations & Supply Chain Management

BSM Partners co-founder Seth Kaufman, MBA, leads a highly experienced consulting team to deliver world-class:

Operations enhancement and transformation services

Manufacturing technical support

Supply chain management solutions

Evaluations of vendor capabilities

Supply Chain Management 2

Leader Development & Business Transformation

At BSM Partners, we also get involved in strategically transforming businesses on an enterprise-wide basis to mitigate risk while achieving sustainable growth. Headed by Frank Niles, PhD, this practice focuses on:

Accelerated leadership development

Executive coaching

Organizational design and strategic planning

Change management and leadership transition

Building people processes for maximum operational efficiency

Business Transformation


In the beginning was a favor. And the favor was free advice. 

Like most people with specific technical skills, we’ve been asked by our friends, families and colleagues to examine their moles and advise them on formulation and animal health. This is how we began consulting.

Growing any business is like raising a child. On January 1st, 2011, Kaufman and Thomas Consulting was born. She was a fat and happy baby with tons of great ideas, limitless potential and no money.

In the first few years we wandered in the wilderness of figuring out how to make a living without working 12-16/7. Those were the KT consulting days. We were on the road 90% of actual time and spent more money and time than we ever got reimbursed for. We met a lot of interesting and talented people along the way. More than anything we solidified ourselves as masters of product formulation, supply chain support and thought leadership.

Rewinding the clock is way less interesting than advancing it. The pivotal moment for our business was when we hired our first employee in 2016. At that time, we also changed our name to Blue Sky Mining Partners. The idea was to give the company a name that didn’t reference what we did, and the bonus was that it sounded like a shell company. 

As it turns out, mining the blue sky is exactly what we do. We’ve intentionally grown our business with a very tiny digital footprint, no website (until now), few public appearances and zero marketing. Our business was built on good work, our reputations and referrals alone.  

By the end of 2021, with over 28 associates, we’ve become substantially the largest, most highly credentialed and only full-service consulting firm operating in our industry. Sure, we have competition but we’re really only concerned with our team, our industry and our clients. 

To us, nothing is impossible, just degrees of difficulty. Everything we do is hard and we deliver. People don’t hire us to learn what they can’t do; they hire us to learn what they can do.  Our people are the critical ingredient to our success.

BSM Partners is a lifestyle. We still love hearing ourselves give free advice.



Kaufman & Thomas begin Hobby Consulting


Formally founded as KT Consulting with a technical focus on pet food


KT Consulting becomes BSM Partners with the addition of our first employee


Engineering and Veterinary Services are added to our roster of services


Nutrition services is moved from Product Innovation to become BSM Nutrition Services with the addition of Dr. Renee Streeter as Principal Nutritionist


Research Services becomes a practice as BSM embarks on several high-profile research projects


2021 BSM expands into leader development and business transformation with the appointment of Dr. Frank Niles as practice Principal. Now with 28 associates and counting, BSM Partners finally launches a website.