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Blaire Aldridge


Director – Animal Nutrition

Blaire Aldridge, MS, PhD is an experienced companion animal nutritionist who was recently appointed Director of Animal Nutrition for BSM Partners. She brings a wealth of knowledge in companion animal nutrition, leadership, product development, and research. She maintains a record of innovative product launches, bringing various aspects of the industry together to deliver long-lasting nutrition, quality products, and formulations. Previously, Dr. Aldridge was the Senior Manager of the Nutrition Platform for Nestle Purina, where she led the North American team, with responsibilities including monitoring programs as well as all innovation and renovation projects for over 30 brands, encompassing wet, dry, complements, supplements, and functional treats. 

Dr. Aldridge completed her Masters and PhD at Purdue University, with a heavy focus on nutrient absorption mechanisms, mineral metabolism, nutrigenomics, and ionomic profiling. Additionally, she completed her Post-Doctoral work at the Washington University Medical School in Human Nutrition and Immunology, where she pioneered a protocol to isolate and characterize the immune cell profile from adipose tissue of humans. Dr. Blaire Aldridge prides herself in the cultivation of a wide perspective, open conversation among peers, and above all, the integrity of purpose and profession.