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Stephanie Clark

PhD, CVT, PAS, CFS, Dpl. ACAS, VTS (Nutrition)

Board Certified Companion Animal Nutritionist; Assistant Director of Special Services

Dr. Stephanie (Bland) Clark serves as a Board Certified Companion Animal Nutritionist for BSM Partners. Dr. Clark is also a Certified Veterinary Technologist. She has over a decade of experience working in animal hospitals as an in and outpatient nurse and providing nutritional consultations. Prior to joining BSM Partners, Dr. Clark completed her post-doctorate at Mayo Clinic, where she was the first to be awarded grant funding for animal welfare research and participated in developing new methodology for salivary oxytocin testing and canine saliva collection. 

Dr. Clark earned her PhD in Animal Science with an emphasis in the gut microbiome and nutraceuticals for osteoarthritis. During Dr. Clark’s doctoral training, she evaluated the gut microbiome changes in working dogs, such as FEMA and police dogs, under stressful working conditions.