dog iso teal 2 resized How the Pet Industry Can Contribute to Sustainability (Caitlyn Dudas from the Pet Sustainability Coalition)
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How the Pet Industry Can Contribute to Sustainability (Caitlyn Dudas from the Pet Sustainability Coalition)

December 21, 2022

About the Episode:

Episode Description

About the Episode:

While at SuperZoo, Dr. Megan Sprinkle and Steven Cauthren had the chance to interview Caitlyn Dudas.  Caitlyn is the co-founder and executive director of the Pet Sustainability Coalition. 

In this episode, they talk about:  What is the purpose of the Pet Sustainability Coalition; what are the opportunities for the pet industry to embrace sustainability; How the pet industry is benefiting from more female leadership. 

Links from this episode: 

Pet Sustainability Coalition:

Show Notes:

(4:18) How a chance meeting with Hunter Levins changed Caitlyn’s life

(4:49) Why consulting for businesses fits better with Caitlyn’s work

(5:22) How the Pet Sustainability Coalition was founded

(6:56) How consumers are impacting the Pet Industry

(8:11) Some unique sustainability challenges to the Pet Industry

(10:04) How big is the Pet Industry vertical?

(11:08) How a big market translates into big opportunity

(12:14) What is a big opportunity for the Pet Industry to focus on

(13:31) How the pet food space is changing

(14:41) How traceability and transparency are becoming mainstream

(15:52) Why transparency is important to the consumer

(16:27) How a lack of trust in corporate America drives corporate responsibility

(18:47) How to know if a company is really supporting sustainability efforts

(19:30) Why standardization of certifications is required

(20:01) Why the PSC created an accreditation program

(22:26) How sustainability can impact the bottom line for businesses

(23:58) Organic versus non-organic: which is more sustainable?

(24:43) What is regenerative farming?

(26:21) Why the recycling system is broken

(26:49) What is “circularity” and how it can help with recycling

(28:09) Why PSC focuses on helping businesses with sustainability

(30:47) What drives Caitlyn to continue her mission

(32:53) What Caitlyn sees is happening in the industry right now

(33:22) What is the financial impact to the industry within 5 years

(35:08) How women are impacting a male dominated industry

(36:46) How the industry is changing what is acceptable business behavior

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