Natl Potato Day Corgi

National Potato Day

August 19, 2022 Corrine Harris

“I have a Corgi, which is basically a really expensive potato that barks at the wind.” -original source unknown

Fun “potato” facts

Potato identification

The most popular Corgi potato is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (PWC). Easily identified, the PWC variety is a smaller spud that has a tiny tail nub, most often hidden amongst abundant floof.1 The other potato, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi (CWC), is larger than the PWC, has a magnificent full-length tail, and can be found in more color varieties.2

Both are athletic dogs, bred to herd cattle in Wales, and highly intelligent. The CWC breed can trace its ancestry back to the same line of dogs as the wiener dog, or Dachshund, while the PWC originated from Spitz lines, like the Pomeranian.1,2 Regardless of their similarities and differences, the Corgi varieties of baked potato, couch potato, and loaded potato can be identified in the image below.


Potato enrichment

Many potatoes no longer herd cattle or other livestock as their ancestors did. To meet the physical and mental needs of these furry spuds, it is essential to balance exercise and intellectual games. While a potato backpack is adorable, letting Corgis walk for themselves and take sniffy adventures goes a long way towards keeping these tater tots in good body condition and physical health. If there are no sheep, cattle, or ducks to be wrangled, the Corgi tuber can exercise those brain cells with obedience and trick training, scent work, and learning other helpful jobs around the house (or farm).

Corgis are naturally good at being watchdogs and providing entertainment with their silly antics, but without proper enrichment, these dogs can lose their starch and develop behavioral issues. A bored potato does not need much encouragement to become a destructive potato. Both the PWC and CWC need more exercise and training than a non-working breed. While unparalleled in cuteness, serious consideration should be made before bringing home a beloved potato. Potatoes have above-average time needs from their humans and even seasoned potato experts can benefit from the early enlistment of a dog trainer to prevent bad tater tot habits.

BSM’s Resident French Fry

Puffin (aka Super Puff aka Puff in Stuff aka Puff the Magic Corgi) resides in northeast Ohio with the author. He is a mega burnt, brindle, and white CWC and weighs in at the larger potato weight range. As a true unicorn tater tot, when he’s not minding his flock of 16 sheep or reminding his human to take some walkies, Puffin is in training to become a service potato. With any luck, BSM clients and fans will be able to schedule a meet and greet with a service Puff at SuperZoo 2023.




About the Author: Corrine Harris, M.S. works at BSM Partners as a Manager of Technical Services in the Product Innovation Group. She can generally be found outside of work, walking, training, and playing with her dogs or wrangling her flock of sheep after a daring escape. Corrine also declares a bias for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which she believes to be the superior of the two Corgi breeds.

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