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My New Year's Resolution

January 1, 2024 David Perez (on behalf of Roland the Bull Dog)

New Year’s resolutions?

As an English Bulldog, I honestly do not have a lot to improve about myself. I am loyal, hardworking, protective, and an all-around fun fur baby. My family never has to correct me, and I never get in trouble. We are always playing games like “drop that sock” and “get back in the yard”. However, my favorite is, “Roland, what is in your mouth?” I almost always win! I have a wonderful life and would not change a thing. But since it is a new year, I wonder if there might be a few teeny, tiny, minuscule things I might tweak about myself. I guess, I need to take a long look in the mirror and see.

Take more breaks

Sometimes I tend to overexert myself during the day. Running and jumping back and forth between the sofa and chair all day can be very exhausting. By the end of the day, I am dead tired. Maybe it would be a good idea to schedule some downtime throughout the day. That way I’m not so burned out in the evening and have the energy to play with my family and friends.


Cut back on electronics

When I’m not jumping back and forth between the sofa and chair, I like to watch television or watch my friend play on her phone. It is easy for me to get sucked in and be on a screen for hours at a time. Sometimes I forget that there is a nice backyard outside for me to run and play in or that I might like to go for a walk around the neighborhood. Maybe I should spend less time looking at screens and more time doing other fun things.


Eat healthier

I love to eat. And I will eat anything, I mean anything. But my favorite thing to eat is peanut butter. Sometimes my friend will even feed it to me on a spoon when no one is looking. I don’t even need bread. I know that peanut butter is high in fat, so maybe I should cut back a little and eat a few more veggies. Maybe I could try a carrot or even zucchini.


Try not to get caught up in “material” things

I find myself wanting more and more these days; something bigger and better. Once I get that bigger and better something, I am never fully satisfied. Maybe I should try to keep things simple and be happy with what I already have.


Some things can be left for tomorrow

My life can get busy and hectic. Sometimes, worrying about the tennis ball I’m going to chew tomorrow gets in the way of me enjoying today. Maybe I should leave that tennis ball for tomorrow and focus on what is happening right now, like cuddling with friends and family.

It’s a New Year!

So, it seems like I have some New Year’s resolutions to work on after all. Whether I follow through with them or not is inconsequential, because I am awesome. That basketball never stood a chance!


About the Author: David Perez works at BSM as Vice President of Product Innovation. His areas of expertise include formulation and product development, along with project management. Outside of work, David can be found playing tennis, making music, and watching scary movies.

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