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Case Study: BSM Partners Successfully Launches and Optimizes Client’s Human-Grade Baked Kibble Facility from a Repurposed Ingredient Warehouse

May 6, 2024 Gregory Daniel & Doug Cleary

The challenge

Designing, implementing, and optimizing a new pet food production facility can be intimidating. There are many moving parts to consider, and staying under budget and on track can prove to be a challenging feat. Recently, a client sought BSM Partners’ Engineering Service’s expertise to oversee the transformation of a previously used ingredient storage space into an efficient human-grade baked kibble production facility. The project objectives were clear:

The solution

Leveraging our team's extensive industry knowledge and experience, BSM Partners’ Engineering Service offered a turnkey solution, guiding the client through every phase of the project with ease. Additional collaboration from other BSM Partners’ Services - Product Innovation, FSQAR, and Nutrition –in combination with expert process innovation the following process ensured the quality and success of the finished baked kibble:

The result

The client was able to achieve a successful launch of their human-grade baked kibble within a remarkably condensed timeline of just two years. In an industry where a new plant build can take up to 4 years or even longer, that’s a significant timeline reduction. Furthermore, our post-project collaboration with the client yielded ongoing operational enhancements, enhancing efficiency, and maximizing cost savings.


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