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Case Study: BSM Partners Helps Clients Make Functional Hip & Joint Supplements

May 13, 2024 Blaire Aldridge, MS, PhD, PAS

The challenge

In a market dominated by supplements, BSM Partners is routinely hired to help modify supplements ensuring they are efficacious for joint health or other functional claims. One of our latest examples was helping a newer company fix a formula they designed to help ensure it would be effective and be a supplement that consumers could trust to would work.

Our Task: Making the most effective Hip and Joint formula from their formula.

How we did it:

Looking at their formula, we summarized the ineffectiveness based on the ingredient research and levels in the formula; we could immediately see the concentrations of the active ingredients were too low. We were able to reformulate and maintain the same inactive ingredients to keep product form, but added in an arsenal of ingredients to help with hip and joint health. These included green lipped mussel, egg shell membrane, boswellia extract and type II undenatured collagen. Often, companies do not have the resources to run clinician trials, so having a product completely backed by published research can ensure success on all fronts.

Benefit to the company:

Working with BSM Partners has enabled our client to create what is expected to be a highly effective Hip & Joint supplement, without the cost of clinical feeding trials, which are expensive and often take years to complete.

Benefit to the pet:

This one-of-a-kind supplement is backed by previous research and is expected to be able to help pets with osteoarthritis increasing their mobility and quality of life. Our priority when formulating is to ensure products are going to benefit our pets.

BSM Partners

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About the Author: Dr. Blaire Aldridge is BSM Partners Director of Nutrition.  Prior to this, she was one of the industry’s primary innovators in companion animal nutrition, leading teams at Nestle Purina to groundbreaking products and solutions, in addition to her innovations in Equine nutrition. Her PhD studies at Purdue University focused on mechanisms of nutrient absorption and gene expression before moving on to post-Doctoral work in Human Nutrition at Washington University Medical School. Blaire prides herself in the cultivation of a wide perspective, open conversation among peers, and above all, integrity of purpose and profession.

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