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BSM Partners Saves Client’s Launch Date and Eliminates $100k in Reformulation and Packaging Costs

March 18, 2024 David Perez

The challenge

Retorted pet food products fall into two major categories: chunks in gravy and pate. A pate has a unique texture and is expected to be somewhat firm in shape, enough to hold its form when coming out of the packaging container. During a product commissioning, one of BSM Partner’s clients saw a change in consistency compared to previous product trials. The product came out too soft and, during visual evaluation, poured out of the container. Initially, the contract manufacturer believed the consistency was a result of a singular ingredient in the formulation and asked the client to:

The solution

BSM Partners investigated changes in both formula and processing parameters between the product trials and commissioning. It seemed unlikely that the change in product consistency was ingredient-driven, especially when this ingredient had previously been used in successful trials. The investigation uncovered processing changes that were a likely culprit of the consistency changes including:  

  1. The contract manufacturing location increased the drop temperatures from those previously established in the trials.
  2. BSM Partners reduced the drop temperature to a more reasonable level to increase protein bind in the product.

The result

Changes in the drop temperatures resolved the consistency issues for the pates. The client met their launch date with retailers, which set the stage for successful future product launches. Additionally, the client avoided the costs incurred by reformulation and packaging changes, as well as financial responsibility for the impacted product.

The numbers

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About the author: David Perez works at BSM as Vice President of Product Innovation. His areas of expertise include formulation and product development, along with project management. Outside of work, David can be found playing tennis, making music, and watching scary movies.

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