Aloe You Vera Much

Aloe You Vera Much! 10 Popular House Plants That Can Be Toxic to Your Cat

June 27, 2022 Sydney McCauley, PhD, PAS, Dpl. ACAS-Nutrition

By no means are houseplants a new thing, however they have gained new growth. Just looking at the hashtags on social media will open a whole world of house plant enthusiasts: #plantlover, #plantoftheday, #houseplantsclub, #planthoarder, #houseofplantlovers, #houseplantsofinstagram, #houseplantsmakemehappy, #plantlovers, #indoorplant, and #houseplantclub. In addition to bringing plants back, pet owners have made their feline (and canine) companions more of a family member, becoming more involved in their everyday care. So, for those who dream of a house jungle for their cat, this is a list of 10 of the most popular house plants, and some examples of each, that can be toxic to your cat if ingested. For a more intricate list of toxic plants visit the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Toxic Plants for Cats.

1. Aloe

2. Snake Plant

3. Lily

4. Mauna Loa Peace Lily

5. Ceriman

6. Pothos

7. Jade Plants

8. Sago Palm

9. Ivy

10. Dieffenbachia

Whether deciding on plants for your own house, buying a bouquet to freshen up the space, or gifting flowers to a friend with a pet, keep in mind that some flowers may cause problems when ingested or even just a small amount sniffed or chewed. Be sure to check those potential plants on the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Toxic Plants for Cats before livening up the space with a snake plant. If it is suspected that your pet has been in contact with a potentially harmful plant, contact your local veterinarian or the Pet Poison Hotline as soon as possible.

Artwork by Jonathan Clark

About the Author: Sydney McCauley, PhD, PAS, Dpl ACAS-Nutrition works at BSM Partners as a Manager of Nutrition Services in the Nutrition Services Group. She can generally be found outside of work spending time with her horse and working on their bison farm. 

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